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In Daga Fluff there is no time for negativity, within our mission is to create a positive community which we are going to take care of bringing you the best products and giving the best possible attention to all our fluffies and their parents. Thank you for being here supporting this dream!

Much love,
Daga Fluff.

Everything About Daga Fluff

Hello, my name is Camila and I am the creator and owner of this brand along with my husband Sebastian. We turn the love we have for pets, fashion and crafts into products for fluffies and their guardians. At Daga Fluff we will have accessories for puppies and kittens, glasses, key chains, stickers and all kinds of prints with a unique design created by ourselves. Our biggest inspiration for this brand was our 6 “children” (3 dogs and 3 cats) I know! We are crazy people in love with pets.

The image above is our fluffy Daga (our greatest inspiration for this business) and me.

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